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Dave Leggett | 8 February 2005

I'm off up to the big city - London's financial district - a little later for a reception that PSA Peugeot Citroen is hosting to enable people to meet Jon Goodman, the recently appointed Head of PSA's corporate office in London. Hang on, that name rings a bell - he has a well known namesake of course, but that's a John rather than a Jon, Goodman. You know, the paunchy American actor (The Big Lebowski and, er, lots of other movies, plus that US TV sit-com with the small and rather plump lady, Roseanne). I guess, 'You look so much slimmer in real-life than on screen', might qualify as a mildly humourous opening gambit. Then again, maybe not.

The reception lasts for a couple of hours so hopefully something useful gets said. Should be a good turnout. I hope and pray that the formal presentations are kept short. The whole thing takes place in what was formerly Britain's tallest building (now called Tower 42, but known universally here as the Natwest Tower) until they built a mini-Manhattan on the Isle of Dogs and that honour moved to Canary Wharf. There are 42 floors and we're on 24. I trust the lifts (elevators to you yanks) are in fine working order and all thoughts of Robert Wagner, damp towel over his head in Towering Inferno, must be banished from my head right now!  


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