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Dave Leggett | 2 September 2004

I was yesterday invited to a press conference in Paris next Tuesday at which Jean-Martin Folz, PSA Peugeot Citroën Chief Executive Officer, ‘will explain our Group strategy of introducing new technologies that improve the environmental impact of the motor car and that are mass market affordable.’ And he’ll be talking specifically about the stop-start system – developed with Valeo – which PSA is bringing in, starting with the Citroën C3. Folz has claimed before that stop-start via a belt-driven starter-alternator brings efficiency benefits comparable with the Toyota Prius but without the complexity of Toyota’s system.

It would appear that the company is looking to make a splash (UK national and trade media are invited, as well as investment bank analysts) with its new technology ahead of the Paris show. It ought to be worth listening to and you never know what oportunities trips like this can throw up.

It’s a day out of the office, but I do believe in getting out and about (while being selective of course – we do turn stuff down) and it’s another excuse to indulge my slightly nerdish fascination with high-speed rail travel. Should be something to glean from the day.

Our correspondent currently at large somewhere in China, Mark ‘knuckles’ Wilkinson, provided us with a neat summary of this technology recently – see below.

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