Blog: Dave LeggettPSA in China

Dave Leggett | 22 April 2003

We've an interesting feature in the works from Chris 'CJ' Wright who was in Paris last week to talk to PSA execs about PSA in China. A couple of more general points stood out. For one thing, China remains a place dominated by massive inequalities of income and talking in terms of averages of the whole population is usually meaningless. Sure, there are hot spots of demand amongst the rich, entrepreneurs and 'new middle class' in some big urban areas, but in the rural areas and small towns forget it. Also, a sizeable part of the market is still accounted for by public sector/state enterprise purchases (which is where Shanghai-VW's Santana 2000 with extended rear legroom has been successful). It's a market that has to be approached carefully because of these things. The right vehicles for the right market segments and sales outlets in the right places are absolutely critical. Sounds like the PSA people are mindful of these factors though. Feature should be up on just-auto later today.


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