Blog: Dave LeggettPSA eschews petrol-electric hybrids

Dave Leggett | 6 June 2006

The folks at PSA Peugeot-Citroen have long been sceptical about the business case for gasoline-electric hybrids in Europe. PSA, traditionally strong in diesel technology, has preferred to talk about the economy benefits of diesel engines as well as its stop and start technology for petrol engines driven in urban areas. But the diesel-electric hybrid is a different matter - that is something that PSA is interested in developing for Europe. There was an interesting event in London last week at which journalists were exposed to the latest PSA thinking and state of play on that one. Not that far away from the market now. Our man Graeme Roberts went along:

UK: PSA doesn't see business case for petrol hybrids in Europe

GOLDING’S TAKE: PSA and Ford complete a full range of engines

FRANCE: PSA sets ‘modest’ target for stop-start fitment of 50,000 units by 2006



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