Blog: Dave LeggettProton in a bind

Dave Leggett | 25 October 2006

Malaysia's Proton is coming under immense pressure at home as its protectionist shield is gradually dismantled and it loses market share. It would also seem that there is plenty of disagreement on the best way forward for the beleaguered firm. Somewhat surprisingly, the company's nationalistic father is championing a sort of realpolitik which argues that Proton needs a credible partner and should be prepared to concede a big stake in the firm to that partner. If Dr Mahathir is saying that, the message is a pretty stark and urgent one.

Good article on the subject from Mark Bursa. Also interesting to note that the carefully selected former PM's successor has turned out to have a mind of his own, much to Dr Mahathir's chagrin. It happens.

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Can Proton survive without a partner?


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