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Dave Leggett | 13 January 2005

I gather Ford has opened an office in Hollywood dedicated to getting Ford products placed in the movies. And Volkswagen seems to be forging ahead in doing a deal with a film company. How important is product placement? That is probably difficult to measure. The Cadillac CTS prototype that got shot to bits in one of the Matrix movies - can't remember which one, but I saw it again recently - a few years back? Anyone notice or care that it was a Caddy? Well I did, but I am in the business. And how cool did it look when it was full of holes, body panels twisted and out of shape after that big chase scene? Not very, but I guess it's a case of any exposure is good exposure and can do no harm. I do wonder though what Lexus in UK made of the 'I'm Alan Partridge' TV comedy in which the eponymous character, a well-observed comedy figure who is out of touch with reality, drives a Lexus. There again, at least the brand was in front of people as an obvious alternative to Mercedes and BMW.  

VW and Universal


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