Blog: Dave Leggett'Prius backlash'

Dave Leggett | 10 April 2006

Why do people use a carpool lane? Is it to help the environment by virtue of fewer cars being used to transport the same number of people on a regular journey? Or is it to speed down the less congested carpool lane and actually get to work quicker? And maybe save a bit on their fuel bills in the process? I would hazard a guess that a primary driver for many is beating the traffic, though the notion that you are also helping the environment in a small way should not be entirely discounted; there's perhaps a moral high ground element as you tell your office colleagues about your 'perfect commute' past the clogged lanes.

But what if single occupant hybrids are also allowed on, on environmental grounds? And what if their numbers start to make the carpool lane more congested? It seems that a new phenomenon known as 'Prius backlash' may result.

US: Hybrid drivers accused of congesting carpool lanes


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