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Simon Warburton | 5 August 2010

It's all very well being President of a superpower - I mean who wouldn't want to get dropped off at the front door in Marine One?

Or even power around in your own 747, but just, just occasionally I bet Barack Obama misses walking out and getting into his own car for a spin. 

Well, he got the chance this week - albeit under the twitchy eyes - and holsters - of an army of secret servicemen.

The president took the opportunity on a visit to General Motor's Detroit Hamtramck facility to get behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Volt - a picture opportunity if there ever was one to give the brand a kick start.

The President wasn't exactly about to embark on Route 66 - the detailed itinerary covered precisely, er, 40 feet, but nonetheless the Commander-in-Chief clearly enjoyed himself.

Of course the plant is also responsible for Obama's other toy - the imposing black Cadillac in which he is ferried around in armour-plated luxury.

But the President clearly hankers after the freedom to just be a normal person again. 

"They don't let me drive much these days," he said wistfully.

"But the Cadillac I drive in is made right here. I got to admit the Secret Service soups it up a little bit."

A bit of poke for the President's wheels is the least GM could do for the handy bailout isn't it?


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