Blog: Simon WarburtonPresidential approval

Simon Warburton | 1 October 2010

Bit of a bunfight getting in to the Paris Show this morning. President Sarkozy was paying a visit and I counted at least a dozen police vans stuffed full of 'Les flics' on the way in and all heavily armed.

I didn't see the great man personally but I'm told he arrived with an enormous entourage, which swelled exponentially as a vast media scrum followed him around.

And being French of course, le President resolutely stuck to a Gallic agenda - bystanders told me he visited Peugeot, Citroen and Renault - but whether neighbouring Ford was paid a visit remains a mystery.

The Show opens its many doors to the public in the morning for a fortnight - they're expecting more than a million visitors, petrolheads and enthusiasts - as well as tomorrow's consumers - to pour in.

I wasn't here two years ago but people assure me the mood is much improved from those gloomy days - although there's a long way to go.

As I write this on the oasis-like calm of the Saab stand - all icebergs and cool Scandi imagery - I can hear the Chevvy stand opposite belting out AC\DC and Bruce Springsteen. Horses for courses.


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