Blog: Dave LeggettPortugal's AutoEuropa (VW) plant

Dave Leggett | 22 April 2003

Wonder what will happen at Portugal's Volkswagen AutoEuropa (Palmela) plant. It lost out in the competition within VW for 2005's Project 249 (Lupo replacement) and the contract to build the Ford Galaxy MPV (made alongside VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra) finishes at the end of 2004. Ford will likely bring something into Europe from the US after that date (or build a Galaxy replacement off the Mondeo platform in Europe)and AutoEuropa will need something to fill the output gap. There was talk about a new Passat-based minivan to be made at AutoEuropa with exports to the US also. That doesn't appear to have been signed off yet. Capacity utilisation down there isn't great now, but it could get a lot worse unless VW sorts out the plant's future product programme soon.


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