Blog: Dave LeggettPortable infotainment devices

Dave Leggett | 12 January 2006

I recently saw, on television, a futurologist from BT (yes, the company appears to employ one) claim that the next twenty years will see technological advancement that will put the developments of the last twenty years into the shade. It’s a case of a rate of progress that is growing exponentially, he said, adding for good measure that ‘even the exponential rate of progress is growing exponentially’ if that makes any sense. It is certainly quite mind boggling to reflect on how quickly things are indeed changing.

What’s coming next? Google Earth, or something like it, in your in-car sat-nav; TV on your phone; video on your portable player?

Someone in the office pointed out earlier that BMW is now enabling you to download ‘vodcasts’ (see below link) – these are not audio files for podcasts, but video, for your PSP (that’s a Portable Sony Playstation, I think) or video iPod. Sign of the times, I suppose.


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