Blog: Dave LeggettPorsche defends Cayman

Dave Leggett | 11 November 2009

Here's a strange one I have come across. Porsche is apparently aggressively defending the 'Cayman' trademark. As well as being a Porsche model name, the name is also in use by a firm that makes those funny plastic sandals with holes in them - Crocs. Sounds like a few lawyers will be racking up the fees. Follow the below link for more.

Top marks to the person who posted this caustic response to the Porsche action:

What people/lawyer/companies tend to forget, is that a trademark does not remove a name or word from being used in the English language (or any other for that matter). Will Porsche bring suit against Grand Cayman and the rest of the Cayman islands? What about the amphibious Cayman, can you sue an animal?

Yes, maybe they should take a step back and just relax a bit over such trademark use over at Zuffenhausen. If they want to get all worked up in the legal dept., there are probably more important fish to fry, you would think.

Porsche vs. Crocs…


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