Blog: Dave LeggettPlant capacity on offer in India

Dave Leggett | 8 March 2004

We've had an interesting feature in from Deepesh Rathore and Tilak Swarup in India (I met them when I was in New Delhi in January). The company that makes the Hindustan Ambassador, Hindustan Motors, is offering to make some of its idle capacity available to other carmakers - maybe 6,000 units per annum at one of its more modern plants. That could offer a good (cheap) way for a company like BMW to break into the Indian market with a local manufacturing/assembly operation. It could at least get a good feel for the market and local manufacturing issues before possibly investing more of its own money some time down the line. 'What are you doing in China?' is still this year's big question, but as that country becomes stuffed to the brim with new and pending ventures it could soon be replaced by, 'What are you doing in India?'

Hindustan Motors feature


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