Blog: Dave LeggettPiech's 'folly'

Dave Leggett | 3 May 2005

I wonder how much the Volkswagen Phaeton has hurt Volkswagen in the final analysis? Maybe we will never really know definitively. Volkswagen execs must have looked high and low for ways to make a return on that considerable investment, spread the Phaeton development benefits to other models and parts of the group. And now, finally, it looks like they are putting some Bentleys into production at the dedicated Phaeton plant at Dresden, something that has long been predicted in the industry. It makes a lot of sense - the Bentley models share much with the Phaeton. Ferdinand Piech achieved much in his long career of course (we are not worthy etc), but the Phaeton never quite added up with a Volkswagen badge on the front. That's a shame, because many in the industry believe it to be a marvellous high-end luxury saloon, right up there with the best. 

UK: Bentleys may be made outside the UK


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