Blog: Dave LeggettPickups in China

Dave Leggett | 16 November 2006

Here's a thought. China's car market is still an elitist, mainly urban affair. What happens when incomes in rural areas grow? It is just possible that the pickup market will really take off. That was what Yoshimi Inaba, Toyota's China man said yesterday. He gave a good presentation last night actually and it would be a brave man who wouldn't bet on Toyota to increase its market share here. Mike Dunne was good too and I did get the chance to have a chat with him. The lad done good, as we say, with that Power buyout. Sat next to Valeo's China boss over dinner, who was good company.

I'm running a little late today. Among other things, I had to ring Barclaycard's fraud people who seem hyper sensitive to transactions in China. And I might have had one Long Island Iced Tea too many in the World Trade Centre Hotel (I think that's what it is called) last night. Try as I might, I just never seem to get that early night my body craves.

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