Blog: Dave LeggettPhil Murtaugh (ex-GM China)

Dave Leggett | 4 April 2006

A few people were surprised when Phil Murtaugh left GM in China last year after an apparently successful tenure there as CEO. He was said at the time to have very good relations with GM’s Chinese partner, SAIC, and some people wondered if he was going there. That speculation increased lately and it was reported by some China watchers that he had actually taken a position with SAIC. It certainly looks like there has been a fair amount of chatter on the subject, with some people at SAIC talking it up and suggesting that Murtaugh is the man to take SAIC forward internationally with some kind of VP role.

Well, the latest news – straight out of SAIC - is that there has been no appointment. SAIC says that reports of that are 'media hearsay' and nothing more. One publisher appears to have dropped a bit of a clanger in breaking the news of Murtaugh’s imminent appointment. But, despite the denial, don’t rule it out just yet. 


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