Blog: Dave LeggettPeugeot's space promotion and amazing 360 deg London panorama

Dave Leggett | 7 July 2011

It really is quite something that the last Space Shuttle flight blasts off tomorrow (weather permitting) and that something like, for want of a better term,  Space Shuttle 2.0 to take astronauts into space from America isn't lined up as a better replacement.

A manned expedition to Mars, or even back to the Moon, is looking a very long way off. We're going to be reliant on Russia's Soyuz rockets to get NASA astronauts to the ISS and the private sector will be sending very rich people into near space for the time it takes to drink a cup of tea and then it's straight back down again. Great.

Oh well, this isn't the place to discuss the rights and wrongs of the budgets and how we've ended up where we are as far as manned space exploration goes. 

But continuing that theme, Peugeot in the UK has launched (no pun intended) an eye-catching promotion that promises the chance to get a ride into space (well, 100km above the Earth's surface with 'Space Adventures'). There's a draw and you get entries by locating Peugeot 3008 cars hidden in a very high-res panoramic image (80 giga-pixels) of London. And you can get even more entries by booking test drives...fiendishly clever.

Okay, sounds interesting so far, eh? But even if you don't fancy a space flight or the rather long odds of winning, just check out that high-resolution image at the competition website. Go 'full screen' and get lost in the detail. That's some photo. Alas, finding just one of those twenty cars looks like it may be a 'needle in a haystack' undertaking.

Update: got the one on the roof of the Tate Modern. Yay!


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