Blog: Dave LeggettPeugeot 407

Dave Leggett | 4 December 2003

The PR people at Peugeot have sent me a nicely produced press kit for the new Peugeot 407 saloon today. Must say initial impressions of the way it looks are very positive and that was the general take around the office. The car looks pretty good in the photos - especially the very sporty front-end (there's a hint of Ferrari about the distinctive and sizeable 'open mouth' air-intake grille). 'C' pillar retains the Peugeot family look developed on the 206 and slightly bulky looking 307, but this car looks sleek and sporty. Look forward to seeing one in the flesh. The car cannot come soon enough for Peugeot dealers across Europe, who've been suffering from a dearth of new product lately. 

Peugeot's adventurous styling strategy in a segment (upper medium D-Segment in Europe) that is traditionally subject to more conservative designs - eg Mondeo, Vectra - is interesting. With the D-Segment in decline as consumers move to niches like compact MPVs, maybe Peugeot's policy will enable it to gain more share through greater product differentiation - at least from the perceived segment 'norm'. Product planners elsewhere should take serious note.


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