Blog: Simon WarburtonPersonal space invader?

Simon Warburton | 24 September 2010

For those of certain vintage, just mention of the words space invaders conjures up a whole host of 80s imagery that might well include Debbie Harry, Adam & the Ants and Duran Duran from music, two-tone Cortinas and Delorean cars from motors, yuppies, Wall Street and ET from film and Ronald Reagan from er, politics.

Space Invaders formed a large part of my teenage years and its sound is ingrained in my brain, not to mention the hypnotic dance of the alien creatures as they inevitably destroyed my attempts to destroy them.

So one idea has been to put the game sound on to its electric vehicles as a way of alerting pedestrians.

But this could be just one of myriad potential sounds added to cars, with the issue slowly rising to the top of legislators' in-trays as EVs start to become a reality.

No-one likes the heavy hand of the State micro-managing daily life. But just imagine if everyone personalised their EV to Kajagoogoo or whatever 80s tune grabbed their fancy?

We'd end up with a cacophony of white noise. Perhaps it's best left to the lawmakers after all.


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