Blog: Dave LeggettPedestrian impact rules and design

Dave Leggett | 28 March 2007

If you are going to get run over by a vehicle, some are kinder to your body than others. In general, SUVs with their tall stance and chunky nature are probably not all that forgiving to flesh and bones that get in the way.

But here's something I have just heard that seems a bit naughty, but maybe makes perfect sense to the manufacturer concerned. A supplier source says that the Land Rover Freelander weighs over 2.5 tonnes and was deliberately weighted up to exceed 2.5 tonnes because below that weight vehicles have to comply with tougher pedestrian impact rules. Freelander couldn’t meet those, so they made it heavier to avoid having to comply.

I'm told the same rules will apply to heavier vehicles next year. Imagine the engineers' discussions: 'Where can we easily build in some extra weight guys?'


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