Blog: Dave LeggettPasswords, usernames, cookies, drives me mad

Dave Leggett | 2 October 2007

How many usernames and passwords have I got? Lord knows, must be hundreds all told. I'm no memory man, but the great thing about PCs is that they magically remember them all, right? Cookies. Well, they may do for a while, but things can go wrong. I can't get on the new Chrysler LLC media site to download a pic and something has happened on the DaimlerChrysler media site - probably to do with the corporate split - that means the cookie set up on my PC sometime in the 17th century is no longer working.

Fine. There's a helpful feature: 'Forgotten your password? Enter your email address and we'll send it to you straightaway.' Except that I don't know what email address I used to register with DC back when dinosaurs roamed and it doesn't seem to recognise any of my suggestions. I'll have to fill out yet another online form and reapply to get media access. I just want to download one poxy photo (Thomas Hausch standing next to a Jeep in Frankfurt). It's enough to drive a bloke to drink.

Post-script: My customer service colleague Jackie Bradshaw tells me that members of just-auto sometimes experience the same problem I have described above. There's a new FAQ area on just-auto that may help anyone who finds themselves in a similar state of temporary Kafkaesque distress: 


Coolbear's article sans Thomas Hausch pic, but with a Dodge Hornet (from our image archive) instead


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