Blog: Dave LeggettPassat Coupe

Dave Leggett | 18 December 2007

Took a call yesterday from an old pal with supplier industry connections informing me that the Volkswagen Passat 'Coupe' is definitely happening. If it was on-off, it was more on than off I think and it sounds like things are at a pretty advanced stage with versions being readied for Messrs Piech and Winterkorn to try out for size. As ever, a walk around the Web throws up all sorts of info. I didn't realise this car was so close to going into production.

The Mercedes CLS inspired styling certainly looks good from the spyshots. And it's going to be quite a bit cheaper than a CLS. Could this 'four-door coupe' be just what VW needs to revive flagging fortunes in the US?

And what about the use and abuse of the coupe term? Your starter for ten: what exactly is an 'opera coupe'?

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