Blog: Glenn BrooksParis show debut for the Fiat 500XL?

Glenn Brooks | 21 August 2012

Pics of the Fiat Multipla replacement have appeared on the web, along with a claim that the car should turn up at next month's Paris motor show.

I did think that with that image having appeared back on 15 August, Fiat might have responded by issuing official details and pics, so I held off publishing this blog. Manufacturers do tend to do that once brochure shots hit the web, or an embargo gets broken. It's also not exactly a flattering shot of the 500XL - to me its looks like the Chevy Spin's salad-dodging brother.

It's hard to know how much truth there in the rumours of the vehicle's imminent appearance: Fiat has publicly stated that it is choosing to delay several new models.

I continue to update our list of vehicle world premieres for Paris (and other shows) but there are many cars or concepts I've heard about but so far, no confirmations. That's why you won't find the Audi R8 e-tron* & supposed A9 & Q2 concepts, Lamborghini Gallardo replacement, Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes-Benz S-Class & SLS AMG e-cell*, Peugeot 3008 & 5008 facelifts, Renault Clio Captur*, or Volvo's new XC40 and S80, V70 & XC70 facelifts.

Like the Fiat 500XL, we'll have to wait a few days or weeks longer for some official news on some or all of the cars above, plus many others.

*production version of a former concept


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