Blog: Dave LeggettParis next month

Dave Leggett | 19 August 2004

I've just filled in my press accreditation form for the Paris show next month and faxed it off to the organisers. I hate bureaucracy of this nature, but it's probably worth trying to nail the press pass in advance rather than just turning up on press day (23 September). The people doing accreditation on the day are not to be messed with and are quite happy to turn people away.

I'm taking the train down to Paris from London and from the Gare du Nord, I'll be on the Metro to the show venue. Unlike the schematic London Underground map, the Paris Metro map I've just found looks like a plate of spaghetti I must say. But I've also found a website that tells me exactly what lines to get. What a blessing the Internet is and how did we manage without it?

Below is the show website.


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