Blog: Dave LeggettParis Mondial de L’Automobile 2004

Dave Leggett | 14 May 2004

I’m up to the RAC in London later this morning for that press event being staged by the organisers of the Paris Motor Show. Hope I’ll get past the dress code police at the door. I’ve found a tie, collar, trouser, jacket ensemble that should just about do it, although I do look like a bit of a scarecrow. And I never have got the hang of matching things.

But I am intrigued by this one. What do the organisers have to say to the press? This early? Paris always seems to sell itself and is guaranteed plenty of new launches, interest etc. Nice day for it though – weather very nice in London today.

I can recall a hairy twenty minutes at the Paris Show on press day in 2000. I’d left my press card behind and the organisers sub-contracted press admission to some people who were working on very simple and very rigid guidelines. No press card, no admission. Period. Nothing for it. I just had to stamp my feet and protest, loudly, and keep going. I wasn’t going to turn back. We went around in circles for a long time and I wondered if they were ever going to relent. Eventually, they did and I was taken to see someone from CCFA who gave me a post-it note to take back to the officious people at the entrance (okay, just doing their job – but they obviously enjoyed it).


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