Blog: Glenn BrooksPanasonic robot to compete in triathlon

Glenn Brooks | 16 September 2011

Go Evolta-chan!

Go Evolta-chan!

Panasonic believes its Evolta, a miniature robot, has the ability to compete in one of the world's toughest races, the annual Ironman Challenge in Hawaii.

The Osaka-based Tier 1 thinks it's OK if he takes a week to complete the course instead of the 17 hours in which humans are expected to finish. The reason? At only seven inches tall, he's a tenth of the height of a man so needs ten times the amount of time.

The story of the project over on is worth a read, especially when you learn that Panasonic's engineers have never entered a swimming robot in a competition like this before. Incidentally, Evolta's only breaks will be the time it takes to recharge the three batteries in his backpack.


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