Blog: Dave LeggettPampered pets

Dave Leggett | 2 November 2004

You can buy all sorts of things for man's best friend these days. Can't remember where I saw it, but cell (mobile) phones for your dog are now available in the US. Mind you, the conversations to be had between owner and dog would be a step-up on some of the mindless human-to-human dialogue that people pursue on cells in public places. I've been sorely tempted, more than once, to simply grab the offender's phone and hurl it out of the train window. One of these days, after a bad day, I'll do it.

But, still on the dog subject, what about belting them up in vehicles? Sounds daft, but some of them have quite a bit of mass and could do some damage if flying around the cabin in an accident. And the dog could be injured too, I suppose. Or is it the Japanese equivalent of April Fool's Day? Click below link.


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