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Dave Leggett | 2 August 2007

Would Tata be a credible buyer for Jaguar-Land Rover? Quite possibly, yes. And there might be another Indian firm interested, too (Mahindra). Tata is big and ambitious, not exactly new to looking overseas at big takeovers (eg Corus). Will the private equity firms be backing off now? Maybe. 

What about Volvo? Would a Swedish solution be more attractive to Ford than selling it to another car firm?

Could the Wallenbergs be the ones? Investor ploughs money in but Ford retains a minority stake that protects its technology ties. I'd imagine that solution might go down quite well in Gothenburg. Bad memories of Renault's planned 'takeover' of Volvo AB a fair few years back might make both the French volume makers less than popular. Another premium player that understands premium brands - like BMW - might still be preferable to being part of a volume group once again.


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