Blog: Dave LeggettP Diddy and Navigator

Dave Leggett | 16 June 2003

P Diddy? Oh, the guy who used to be called Puff Daddy and sampled the riff in that Police song, 'Every Breath You Take'. Yes, I think I recall 'Missing You'. The song was a tribute to a rapper (Biggy? - an inspired name for a large fat guy) who was allegedly shot dead in some kind of pointless USA west coast versus east coast rappers feud. Nasty business. Got to number 1 in England though, even if many people were hooked on the riff and didn't really understand what 'Missing You' was really all about. P Diddy (real name Sean Combs) seems like a bright guy. He's got a clothing line and brand that I believe is doing well. Pity about the unsavoury shooting incident and letting Jennifer Lopez slip through his fingers, but he's doing fine I'm sure. Now he has a Lincoln Navigator customisation thing going. Sounds like Lincoln is more than happy with the association (although to be fair, maybe they have little choice but to go along with it). Lincoln gets edgy, reaches out to some 'new customer demographics'. I may be sounding a little reactionary and old-fashioned here, but has the world gone completely bonkers? What next? Marilyn Manson in a gothed up Explorer?


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