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Dave Leggett | 13 February 2004

My week is ending on a slightly less than satisfactory note. I've just spent ten minutes looking for an important e-mail in my 'sent items' e-mail directory and it's not there. I never sent it. You know how it is. It was one of those notes where you have to be careful to get the terminology right. The subject matter was delicate. I took longer than I should crafting it. And now it's simply not there.

And the subject matter has suddenly come back to haunt me and bite me on the butt.

I thought I clicked send, but I must have failed to get the pointer in the right place, moved to another application and then shut the e-mail draft down later on when I was having one of my closing applications purges. Now I have to recreate the wheel. All my own fault of course.

And the old bugbear of mine - PRs not letting us know about things they should -  has wound me up yet again today. Why oh why is it that the lowly PR working on behalf of some aftermarket company producing Acme Screenwash is always on the case, dilligently checking whether I've received a press release, while some of the PRs in some of the big corporations fail to even get us on the correct e-mail distribution list? And they've been told umpteen times. I won't name names here, but it does get a wee bit annoying at times.

Anyway, I should calm down. It is Friday afternoon. My little gripes are nothing really. My watch says beer o'clock and I do believe it is time to stop looking at computer screens and get some fresh air. Whatever you're doing, have a good weekend.

By the way, if you're up for some Friday afternoon mild amusement courtesy of the onion, click the below link. I like the sound of a Dodge Rammit pick-up.

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