Blog: Dave LeggettOut for meetings today

Dave Leggett | 12 August 2003

I'll be in London today for assorted meetings including a meeting with Jeff Daniels - who wrote our transmissions report. It's always good to catch up with Jeff, who has his head down writing a book about Jaguar right now. Later on, myself and Ollie Wilkinson will be seeing just-auto contributor Glenn Brooks. Glenn's an Aussie, so we're also looking forward to his observations on life in Britain during the current heatwave.

It looks like the temperature will be slightly lower today, which is good news. The London Underground railway is not air-conditioned and can be absolutely hellish in hot weather. London's traffic congestion charge has apparently worked in reducing traffic congestion in the city centre (and there is now talk about widening the scheme to other areas of London) but public transport in London is in need of much higher investment to make it attractive. Pity we still have to rely so heavily on the legacy of the Victorians, but it's hard to see any government these days stumping up the very large sums of public money for long-term transport infrastructure benefits the way they did. Could be something to reflect upon in the overcrowded sauna of a tube carriage as someone thrusts their delightfuly aromatic armpit into one's personal space.


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