Blog: Glenn BrooksOpel's not so skinny Mokka?

Glenn Brooks | 22 December 2011

Am I alone in wondering how accurate the pics posted on the web earlier today of Opel and Vauxhall's forthcoming mini-SUV are? Still, we do know that such a vehicle will be launched in 2012.

This segment might be the next big thing though let's be cautious - VW South Africa, which builds the CrossPolo for all global markets, only planned to make 25,000 of this dinky crossover in 2011. There again, Ford has been churning out a lot of EcoSports in Brazil for the local market and Mexico for many years now, plus there is a new model on the way. We also know that Ford India is going to build the second generation model, in addition to Ford do Brasil.

And then there's Chevrolet, which will be given a small crossover/SUV in 2012. GM Korea will build the closely related models for Opel/Vauxhall and Chevrolet Europe, Nick Reilly stated in January 2010. Maybe GM will revive the Groove or Trax model names for the little Chevy - remember the concepts from the 2007 New York motor show?

Other brands? Nissan, the cleverest of all when it comes to spotting global segments for new crossovers, is already there with the Juke, while Renault is said to be developing a production version of the Clio Captur concept.

And maybe we'll see a tougher looking derivative of the next Kia Soul in 2014 - three years into its lifecycle this little car just keeps on getting stronger, with over 92,000 sold in the US for the year to the end of November.


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