Blog: Simon WarburtonOpel generates buzz around new eco project

Simon Warburton | 2 March 2011

It's not often I get to write the name 'Buzz Aldrin' in my notebook but the second man to walk on the moon pitched up last night at Opel's launch of its Project Earth environmental initiative.

Set in Switzerland's particle smashing CERN laboratory - the finer points of advanced physics and maths were, I have to say, starting to fry my mind - Buzz was duly introduced as the new patron of Opel's scheme - although will he ever stop being irritated by that 'second man' tag?

Opel 'brand ambassador' Katie Melua even gamely bowled up to sing a few tunes - with Opel boss Nick Reilly at one point threatening to follow with a number of his own - while the manufacturer projected a vast son et lumiere onto the CERN centre's vast dome.

"I was one of the first two people to set foot on the moon and the view I had of planet earth was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen in my life," said Aldrin. "I did not hesitate for a second when Opel approached me for this project."

I could have done with Buzz explaining to me some of the terrifying equations that CERN has liberally sprinkled around its centre, although I bet even an astronaut would struggle with the maths.

I'm not exactly sure what smashing those particles actually does and despite brave efforts from the staff to explain, each equation started to blur into the other.

But fair play to Opel to put its money where is mouth is and launch the idea which will see environmental schemes across four fragile areas of the earth - including oceans and rainforests - benefit from its - unspecified amount - of largesse.

And it helps to have an astronaut put his name to it to boot.



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