Blog: Dave LeggettOops, Alfa's Brera has been damaged

Dave Leggett | 13 October 2003

The rakishly proportioned Giugiaro designed Alfa Romeo Brera 2+2 luxury-performance coupe concept is one of the more memorable vehicle concepts of recent years. But on its way to the 2003 Sydney Motor Show it's been damaged and won't now be making an appearance. I would imagine there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when the incident occurred.

The following extract is from an official press release on the subject: "The Brera was due to arrive in Australia tomorrow (Tuesday 14 October) to be ready for the show on Thursday, but it has suffered substantial damage while in transit at Frankfurt airport," explained Edward Rowe, Alfa Romeo Australia's Public Relations Manager. "The damage is such that it could not be loaded on to the aircraft, let alone repaired prior to departure. We are, naturally, intensely disappointed by the fact it will miss the Sydney
Motor Show.."

The Brera's departure from Europe was delayed by intensive new security checks made on all cargo transported on aircraft, including decompression tests, as well as new loading restrictions placed on cars transported on aircraft. Reports indicate that it was damaged during transit for these tests, which are done under tight security.


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