Blog: Dave LeggettOoops, wrong car

Dave Leggett | 6 August 2003

Lovely story in the Chicago Tribune this week: A man accused of repeatedly ramming a car he thought belonged to his estranged wife has been charged with two counts of criminal damage to property. A criminal complaint said Cortez repeatedly rammed his van into the side of a Ford Escort, pushing it into a pick-up truck in the same driveway. Witnesses say he hit the car 20 to 30 times until the Escort and the truck were pushed up against a tree and couldn't go any further -- about 47 feet.

The man told officers he knew the car he was ramming belonged to his wife because he bought the car for her, but it turned out to be her neighbour's. Police said alcohol was a likely factor. He could face up to nine months in prison and $US10,000 in fines. Nice thing to happen in a town called Friendship.
Graeme Roberts


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