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Dave Leggett | 21 September 2006

I guess we're all well aware these days of health and safety rules, political correctness, ambulance chaser legal firms and the extent to which people all too readily look to litigation. It's always someone else's fault. Got a fat kid? Sue McDonald's. Trip over a paving stone? Sue the local authority that put it there.

The US 'leads' the way in this area but some of the principles at work are spreading internationally. More lawyers are clearly what we need - smart young men and women using their talent for the betterment of humanity.

Apparently, the State of California wants to sue vehicle makers for the ills they cause. While it cannot be disputed that vehicles, through their emissions, create what economists call 'negative externalities' the Californian action is an odd one in terms of its implications. Good to see that there is a group called 'California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse'. And someone there enjoys employing a bit of sarcasm (I guess we're all guilty of 'negligent breathing')...

US: California sues car manufacturers


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