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Graeme Roberts | 12 January 2011


VW's US-only Passat

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Post-Detroit, a question arises. On one hand we have Alan Mulally and his One Ford policy otherwise known as 'if it's been designed right overseas (see Fiesta, Focus, C-Max) don't tinker with it for the US (see Gen 1 Focus and successors on same platform; Mondeo-based Contour/Mystique)'.

We'll also see this applied in reverse to larger cars when the Australian Falcon switches to front-drive and shares a platform with the bigger cars designed in and for North America.

On the other hand, there's VW, which has shunned its new European Passat for a unique, larger model for, and built in, the US.

So, whose approach is right?

We've been here before, of course, with Japanese Toyota Camrys widened for the US and quite different Honda Accords for Japan, Europe and the US. VW is only the latest to make a mid-size car unique for the US though Toyota and Honda also sold their 'wide' Camry and Accords in other markets.


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