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Dave Leggett | 11 September 2014

Here we are again. September 11. On that day in 2001, I was in Frankfurt at the auto show. It was a motor show press day like no other; a surreal and unforgettable mix of motor show glitz rendered irrelevant by the shocking news coming through live. As I do every year, I would like once again to spare a thought for that day's innocent victims.

I reproduce below something that I wrote on just-auto at the time:

"The horrific events of the 11th September left me numbed. To say the Frankfurt Motor Show was overshadowed is something of an understatement. I was in the DaimlerChrysler media centre at the Frankfurt Show when the news of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre broke.

My immediate preoccupations took a back seat - that e-mail can wait. The shiny new cars suddenly seemed a good deal less important. The news from New York was utterly incomprehensible and deeply shocking. People were clustered around PCs and TV monitors (immediately all tuned to CNN) trying to find out more. The enormity of what had happened started to sink in. Sickening.

At the show itself, many press conferences, cocktail parties and dinners were subsequently cancelled. At 10:00am on the 13th, a five-minute silence at the show, in remembrance of the victims, was observed with absolute respect. A noisy show hall fell silent. The emotion and feeling of sadness from this international group of auto industry people was universal. I will never forget it."



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