Blog: Dave LeggettOn the road to Morocco

Dave Leggett | 3 September 2007

Morocco isn't a place I know a great deal about, I must 'fess. I imagine there's a lot of sand there and whitewashed buildings, some bustling markets perhaps. The odd oasis, even. Old favourites Bob Hope and Bing Crosby spring to mind (like Webster's dictionary they're Mor-occo-bound). And if I hear the name 'Casablanca' I'm immediately thinking Humphrey and Ingrid, rather than motor vehicle production.

But the auto industry gets everywhere these days, no stone left unturned. Renault-Nissan has announced a potentially huge investment for Morocco. Some 90% of the output will be exported. By 2010 that will be 180,000 units a year if all goes according to plan - some Logans and Nissan vans. Where will they be going? Neighbouring markets will take some of course, but it's an interesting one.

Will some of the output be heading for Europe? If the quality is there, without a doubt.

Below link is useful as a crash course on Morocco-EU trade relations (I'm on a crash course because I am being interviewed on BBC World Service radio tonight talking on the subject). Industrial and manufactured products from Morocco enter the EU duty-free under the existing association agreement.


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