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Dave Leggett | 9 January 2009

As Canadian singer Alanis Morissette once said, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. And even small things can upset one's delicately balanced equilibrium and throw your plans out. I had an encounter with a deer last night - a big one. I was doing 60-ish on a rural road, behaving myself, and the poor thing gave me no chance to avoid a heavy collision. Bang! All over in a split second as I listened to a programme on the radio about how the Internet is about delivering stuff free and that's becoming a new business mode for the 21st century. Thinking about the animal was upsetting enough (I needed a stiff drink). At least I managed to keep control of the car, I suppose.

But now this morning there's the assessment of the damage done to the Bambi-killing machine - front bumper cracked, grille and headlamp staved in, indicator lamp busted. I think it's an insurance job and I don't exactly relish the process that goes with making a claim (I don't think I have ever claimed on motoring insurance in my life). The car is an old banger actually, so I'm also wondering whether to just bin it and pick up a bargain in the used car market (and the motoring fantasies have duly kicked in over morning coffee). But I'm not exactly swimming in spare cash for an automotive outlay that would actually deliver any fun. A repair may make more sense from a financial point of view, so that the car can limp through one more MOT before finally expiring (if it's not a write-off - could be a close run thing, the car is almost worthless). And sorting that little lot out is not exactly a fun prospect. Jeez, it's another thing to think about on top of everything else. I know, stop the moaning. At least it's Friday. 

Kevin Kelly's name cropped up on the radio programme. I remember him. He wrote 'New Rules for the New Economy'. That's a book that I recall wowed me back in the heady days of the dotcom boom, along with Michael Lewis's 'The New New Thing'.

You can now, to borrow the enduring phrase that sticks from Kelly's book, 'embrace the swarm' for free online - below link. I guess the fact that it's now free to read online is kind of fitting. 

New Rules for the New Economy


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