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Dave Leggett | 1 April 2004

As well as seeing JATO yesterday, myself and Oliver also made our way over to Victoria (very near to the back of Buckingham Palace's extensive gardens) to see some folks at Frost & Sullivan's European Transportation Group - Sarwant Singh and Nick Hartley. It was a good meeting - we should be able to get some more reports to sell on just-auto as well as some editorial content.

But today I need to change down a gear. I'm off to Ireland for a few days of holiday. I've a wedding to attend. My old friend and mucker Mr Thomas Boyles is getting hitched. He was at DRI (lately known as Global Insight) with me in the early to mid-1990s. If you were a client of DRI's Automotive Group in those days, he will have had more than a hand in putting together the data in the reports that landed on your desk every now and then. 

Tom was very much an unsung hero and stalwart, with a wicked sense of humour and the ability to make a great pot of tea that used to break up the afternoon as we played with automotive sales and production numbers in spreadsheets. I seem to remember he also had a very good handle on developments in the Norwegian commercial vehicle market. Just one of the things to remind him about over a few beers tonight (he's out of automotive now).

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