Blog: Dave LeggettObesity in automobiles

Dave Leggett | 10 August 2006

Some 'weighty' observations on the US vehicle fleet are to be had in an article from 'The Truth About Cars' blog (below link). The old Ford Pinto being touted as benefitting from 'ground hugging weight' (yep, a more innocent era) had me laughing as did one or two analogies employed by the writer. Nice work on the photo too.

But the shift in market segmentation in the US being wrought by higher gasoline prices - a market shift described by Mark Fields yesterday in Traverse City as 'tectonic' - ought to bring about some slimming down of the vehicle fleet as a whole, eventually, as relatively heavy trucks figure less in the sales numbers.

Interesting to reflect though on how vehicles get bigger and heavier - that's not just a US pheomenon - when they are renewed. As one of the repondents to the article notes, 'cars need a diet plan more than we need alternative fuels or hybrid technology'. He has a point. 

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