Blog: Dave LeggettNutters at German shareholder meetings

Dave Leggett | 4 May 2006

I've been chatting with regular just-auto columnist Rob Golding today. It's fair to say the conversation ranged widely, as per usual, but we did spend a little time musing on Volkswagen and yesterday's AGM.

Rob had to endure a lot of what might politely be termed meandering 'noise' while listening in to the meeting yesterday and waiting for the big issues to be dealt with. Yep, there are some antiquainted traditions in corporate Germany that sit oddly with companies that do some things so well.

Or, as Rob put it to me in more direct language: "Did you know that a nutter gets fifteen minutes at the mike even when they admit they hold just three shares?"

Link to Rob's article is below. And there's even a pic of our columnist added now. The human touch. But I felt I couldn't use the first one he sent over in a serious business article...


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