Blog: Dave LeggettNuclear car?

Dave Leggett | 6 September 2006

Funny how things go full circle. Nuclear power isn't exactly something to feel warm and fuzzy about - the indiscriminate harm caused when it goes wrong (as sooner or later it inevitably will) is far too great for that. But the government here has decided, just as most nuclear plants in UK are due for decommissioning and in the face of an emerging energy gap that can't be met by power stations burning fossil fuels or renewable sources, that nuclear deserves another chance. Maybe it's ultimately sensible - I don't know; some big issues to wrestle with there.

How far can nuclear technology be scaled down though? We have had nuclear subs for decades right? What about a car fitted with a mini nuclear reactor? Ford Nucleon anyone...

Actually, one of the comments at the bottom of the below article makes a good point: maybe we'll all eventually be running plug-ins that are powered by electricity from nuclear power stations. Certainly more practical than a reactor humming away in the boot (trunk). 

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