Blog: Graeme RobertsNow you can park the BMW limo by remote control

Graeme Roberts | 11 June 2015

Party trick: Being first with a remote-park BMW should draw a crowd. Better practise first

Party trick: Being first with a remote-park BMW should draw a crowd. Better practise first

Parking Assist? As of last night, so last decade. Now BMW has introduced remote controlled parking.

This gotta-try innovation - operated with a new smart key incorporating a digital display - will be optional when the latest 7 Series goes on sale later this year, dripping with new construction innovations (the i-series carbon fibre has migrated) and interior gadget options, many of them centred around the potentate occupying the back seat, now with near horizontal recliners available.

Contactless mobile phone charging, a removeable controller tablet, starlight in the roof (methinks someone at BMW flies Emirates first class), enhanced ambient lighting and a tonne of driver aids for James the chauffeur - it's all in there somewhere.

Built in Dingolfing. More will be revealed at Frankfurt in September.


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