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Dave Leggett | 6 December 2004

The football on Saturday was a fun day out for me, but it wasn't the best scenario on the pitch. The Canaries (Norwich City) conceded an early goal that proved decisive and the home team were never able to get their footballing act together. But Delia's for lunch was very good as was all the hospitality provided by Lotus. And it was a very slick commercial operation at the ground - very different to last my visit in 1982 (I think), when I stood on the terraces. Nice to meet various Lotus and Proton bods including Brian Collier, the MD of Proton Cars (UK) Ltd who seemed quite keen to get me behind the wheel of a Gen2 - Proton's new model that was developed with Lotus. It sounds like a decent model, in terms of its class, but Proton is a brand that doesn't have the best image in Britain and it will take time to change perceptions. The involvement of Lotus in model development must be a plus though.



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