Blog: Dave LeggettNorth Korea

Dave Leggett | 30 March 2004

North Korea comes across in the media as something of an anachronism in the world of global brands, rampant consumerism and instant communication that most of us live in. By all accounts, it exists in an isolationist bubble that much of the twentieth century has passed by. Quaint though that may sound, the harsh reality is of an economically backward country that has trouble feeding itself. And its  people are subject to a totalitarian regime with that has exhibited some decidedly weird 'cult of personality' despotic tendencies over the years.

But times change. Maybe they make vehicles there? Oh, but they'd all be old-fashioned agricultural tractors and smoke-belching freight trucks wouldn't they? China in the 1950s, no? Actually, no. There is a small passenger car making facility in Pyongyang making the Fiat Siena (178 saloon). It's not much, but maybe it's a start. Paul French, of Access Asia, is one of the few westerners who have been there and he's written a feature - extracted from a book he's penned - that we'll be publishing later this week. I wonder if they eat garlic and pickled cabbage like crazy in the north too?  


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