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Dave Leggett | 11 October 2006

It is hard to fathom what goes on in a secretive and downright weird country like North Korea. It looks like it is run by a regime well and truly in the dark ages. But, my word, the North Korean military can certainly march if the news footage on TV I have seen is anything to go by (no, the TV people don't show footage of Pyongyang kids going into school, do they?). It's a kind of manic goose-step, much faster tempo than the goose-step marches of other military outfits from nasty regimes (the Soviets had a distinctly plodding almost slow-mo style, I seem to remember).

We can only hope that things calm down in East Asia, rather than actually get any worse.

But North Korea being in the news lately has reminded me of an article on that country's nascent automotive sector that we ran a few years ago. As far as I can see, things have got worse since then, economically. Interesting article though and rarer than a frog with feathers, in terms of its subject matter.

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