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Dave Leggett | 8 November 2004

Sometimes you want to cut to the quick. Maybe it gets a little bit personal and sometimes that really is unavoidable. We've just published a couple of features that contain stronger views than are normally ascribed to just-auto (I think). Our 'Big Dog' insider opinion column tends not to pull punches and the views of our bumptious pooch on 'Teflon Bernd' are perhaps not too surprising. But I was a little more surprised, I must admit, to read Karl Ludvigsen's take on Bob Lutz. Not that it's not well-argued - it is - it's just that I wasn't expecting quite such strongly worded prose from Karl. And he manages to lambast the logic behind GM's superfluous looking European HQ in no uncertain terms. How useful is Zurich? Tits on a bull. But the real killer is the quote he lifts from sniffpetrol concerning brand strategy (near the end of the article). No messing.

Belt up Lutz


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