Blog: Dave LeggettNissan's 'self-parking office chairs'

Dave Leggett | 22 February 2016

Have to admit, this made me laugh. Nissan has come up with a tidy solution to the age-old problem of wandering chairs in the open plan office.

Nissan has announced the first "Intelligent Parking Chair," a concept inspired by its intelligent park assist technology. The "Intelligent Parking Chair" is a unique chair that automatically moves to a set position. The chair includes a roller to automatically move 360 degrees paired with a system that indicates the target position. Four cameras placed on the room's ceiling generate a bird's-eye view to wirelessly transmit the chair's position and its route to destination.

Nissan says the new technology has already been adopted in the European model X-Trail Hybrid and other Nissan vehicles around the world.

The film is a hoot.


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